Vrgada Island

Map of Vrgada Island

Map of Vrgada Island

Location of Island Vrgada

Location of Vrgada

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Vrgada Island Coordinates

The island is found at the coordinates 43° 51' 12" North and 15° 30' 10" East - in the Adriatic sea, Croatia.

Vrgada island Info

The population on the island is 242 inhabitants with total area on the island 2315344 square meters. The population density is 65.4 inhabitants per square kilometer. The hightest peak on the island is 115 meters. The island is accessible by public transport (ferries).
More information:

GPS Latitude43.85333000
GPS Longitude15.50278000
Coastline Lenght(M)9188
Highest peak115
Population density65.4

Some Lighthouses in vicinity of Vrgada:

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Neighbouring islands to Vrgada:

Nearest Campsites to Vrgada:

  • Oaza mira Campsite is at distance of 2.71 miles
  • Paradiso Campsite is at distance of 3.50 miles
  • Kozarica Campsite is at distance of 3.99 miles
  • Slanica Campsite is at distance of 4.46 miles
  • Sovinje Campsite is at distance of 5.11 miles

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