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Zut is an unpopulated island with total area of 14827419 square meters (m2). The lenght of its coastline is 44058 meters. There is no public transport to Zut.
Zut Island, nestled within the stunning archipelago of Croatia, is a true gem of the Adriatic Sea. This picturesque island is part of the Kornati National Park, renowned for its untouched natural beauty and remarkable marine ecosystem. With an area of approximately 14 square kilometers, the island offers a serene escape for nature enthusiasts, sailors, and adventurers seeking an authentic Croatian experience. The island's name, "Zut," translates to "olive" in Croatian, a nod to the island's olive groves that have thrived for centuries. Its rugged coastline is adorned with numerous coves, bays, and crystal-clear waters that attract boaters and divers from around the world. The island's interior is characterized by dry stone walls, ancient ruins, and fragrant pine forests, all contributing to its rustic charm. Zut Island is devoid of major settlements or urbanization, making it an oasis of tranquility. Visitors can revel in the simplicity of life here, enjoying activities like fishing, snorkeling, hiking, and simply soaking up the unspoiled landscapes. Its isolation from modern development ensures that the island retains its natural allure, inviting guests to unwind and disconnect from the pressures of contemporary living. For those seeking an authentic Adriatic adventure, Zut Island beckons with its raw beauty, rich history, and the promise of a serene escape.
GPS Latitude43.87000000
GPS Longitude15.30917000
Coastline Lenght(M)44058

Zut GPS coordinates

GPS location coordinates: 43°52'12.0"N 15°18'33.0"E

Map of Zut

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Nearest Campsites to Zut:

  • Brist Campsite is at distance of 6.40 miles
  • Sovinje Campsite is at distance of 6.84 miles
  • Biograd Campsite is at distance of 8.27 miles
  • Diana & Josip Campsite is at distance of 8.34 miles
  • Mia Campsite is at distance of 8.34 miles

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Kornati Archipelago (photo:I.Pervan)

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