Losinj Island

Map of Losinj Island

Map of Losinj Island

Location of Island Losinj

Location of Losinj

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Losinj Island Coordinates

The island is found at the coordinates 44° 35' 10" North and 14° 23' 49" East - in the Adriatic sea, Croatia.

Losinj island Info

The population on the island is 7771 inhabitants with total area on the island 74366091 square meters. The population density is 104.1 inhabitants per square kilometer. The hightest peak on the island is Osoršcica, vrh Sv. Mikula, 557 m meters. The island is accessible by public transport (ferries).
More information:
Lošinj is where lovely little coves can be found for swimming and sunbathing. In the man-made passage between Cres and Lošinj is the little town of Osor, exceptionally rich in history because it was once the main point of passage towards the Dalmatian islands. Today Osor is a museum town with historical remains which date back to nine centuries before Christ.
GPS Latitude44.58611000
GPS Longitude14.39694000
Coastline Lenght(M)121215
Highest peakOsoršcica, vrh Sv. Mikula, 557 m
Population density104.1

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  • Poljana Campsite is at distance of 3.06 miles
  • Cikat Campsite is at distance of 4.33 miles
  • Rapoca Campsite is at distance of 5.34 miles
  • Baldarin Campsite is at distance of 5.88 miles
  • Lopari Campsite is at distance of 6.58 miles

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