Majsan Island

Map of Majsan Island

Map of Majsan Island

Location of Island Majsan

Location of Majsan

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Majsan Island Coordinates

The island is found at the coordinates 42° 57' 37" North and 17° 11' 55" East - in the Adriatic sea, Croatia.

Majsan island Info

The population on the island is 0 inhabitants with total area on the island 152773 square meters. The population density is 0 inhabitants per square kilometer. The hightest peak on the island is meters. The island is accessible by public transport (ferries).
More information:
Majsan was inhabited since prehistoric times until the Middle Ages. There is an early Christian church on the Majsan from the 5th century. These early buildings / ruins are still visible on the western coast of the islet. Remains proving that there was life here from ancient Greek times to the early Middle Ages can also be seen on the other islets of this group. In 1000 year, Venetian doge Petar II Orseolo lead his conquest of the south Dalmatian archipelago and the town of Dubrovnik from Majsan.
GPS Latitude42.95889100
GPS Longitude17.19264900
Coastline Lenght(M)1736
Highest peak
Population density0

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  • Trstenica Campsite is at distance of 1.21 miles
  • Glavna plaza Campsite is at distance of 1.28 miles
  • Nevio Campsite is at distance of 1.59 miles
  • Paradiso Campsite is at distance of 2.03 miles
  • Ponta Campsite is at distance of 2.04 miles

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