Baretica Island

Map of Baretica Island

Map of Baretica Island

Location of Island Baretica

Location of Baretica

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Baretica Island Coordinates

The island is found at the coordinates 42° 56' 52" North and 17° 9' 45" East - in the Adriatic sea, Croatia.

Baretica Island Info

Baretica is an unpopulated island with total area of square meters (m2). The lenght of its coastline is meters. There is no public transport to Baretica.
Baretica is small island located between Badija and Planjak. The name 'Baretica' means in English 'Small Hat' reflecting the shape of the island. Baretica has some good spots under the pine trees to enjoy shade during summer heat. However, the rocks on its shores are rough making it difficult to walk around barefoot. Baretica is popular stop for people who like to be near Badija, to be able to watch what's going on there or just pop there to buy drink or food, while still away from its crowds.
GPS Latitude42.94767800
GPS Longitude17.16247900
Coastline Lenght(M)

Some Lighthouses in vicinity of Baretica:

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Nearest Campsites to Baretica:

  • Kalac Campsite is at distance of 1.07 miles
  • Vela Postrana Campsite is at distance of 1.85 miles
  • Trstenica Campsite is at distance of 2.37 miles
  • Glavna plaza Campsite is at distance of 2.47 miles
  • Palme Campsite is at distance of 2.65 miles

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